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Being Too Serious Can Ruin Your Success

Are you having fun? Do you get a thrill from your work? Do you enjoy waking up each morning?

Myths about work can hurt your progress. "Work is not supposed to be fun." "You must buckle down and get serious."

Perhaps the biggest myth of all: "People will think I’m important if I act seriously." Yet getting serious creates problems: stress, worry, anxiety, emotional pain, drudgery and failure.

Resolving problems by getting more serious is like fixing a computer with a hammer. The harder you try, the worse the problem becomes.

"When life becomes serious, a man becomes less cause and greater effect. If life gets really serious, his value drops to practically zero. Driving a car can become such serious business that one can wreck the car. Running a business can become so serious as to make it fail. There is a direct connection between insanity and seriousness." "It is only when an individual progresses in life to a point where much seriousness is attached to things that he begins to have a hard time. The ancient Italian really knew what he was about when he considered that the only psychotherapy was laughter." — L. Ron Hubbard


My Own Business

My Business Line :

  • SIA ABRASIVES product
  • Gadget Product (PC, Notebook, Handphone, Camera, MP3,MP4,PDA,etc.)
  • Automotive 2wheel and 4wheel Painting, Airbrush, Modified, Accecories
  • Injection Moulding for Plastic (RESIN)
  • Wood manufacturing (Palets & Box Ekspor and Import).

Hendra Setiawan,S.Com

Nama : Hendra Setiawan

Address : Jl. Raya Bekasi KM.23 No.04 Cakung Barat, Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta - Indonesia 13910

Handphone : 0857 141 29892 or 021-927 94210

E-mail : sales_hs@hendrasetiawan.s5.com; he_n_dra@yahoo.com; he_n_dra_s@plasa.com; hendra.setiawan@suzuki.co.id; setiawanhendra05@gmail.com; hendra@hendrasetiawan.s5.com


My Coorperate Business

Company Name :

  1. PT. Suzuki Indomobil Sales
  2. PT. Suzuki Indomobil Motor
  3. PT. Gerfa Indonesia
  4. PT. Gerfa Manunggal Teknindo
  5. PT. Torama Asahi Mandiri
  6. UD. Maduratna
  7. All Stars Air Brush
  8. Faith Cellular
  9. Ex-Plor IT
  10. SIA Abrasives (Switzerland and UK)
  11. Indo Cahaya Sempurna Trading
  12. PT. Artha Terus Makmur


Kunjungilah segera dan temukan segala keinginan product yang anda cari. 

Behind the Scenes of Hendra Setiawan,S.Com World Trade

Hi, Thanks for taking the time to look at my auction. I will try to answer the questions that most people will probably have about this business up front; but if you need any more info or want me to explain anything, you can always reach me via email: setiawanhendra05@gmail.com First of all some people may be wondering why I would sell such a valuable asset, especially one that's been very profitable for so long. Don't forget for open my blog also on www.hendrasetiawantrading.blogspot.com

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